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7-9 November, 2014 Nemzetközi Passzívház Nyílt Napok

Idén ismét megrendezésre kerül a Nemzetközi Passzívház Nyílt Napok rendezvénysorozat, mely a darmstadti Passivhaus Institut nemzetközi rendezvénye. A magyar programokat a Passzívházépítők Országos Szövetsége (PAOSZ) koordinálja. A program keretében lehetőség lesz budapesti és főváros környéki passzívház minősítéssel bíró társasházak illetve magánházak megtekintésére is az építtető-tulajdonosok vezetésével. Programok és jelentkezés:

Please check out this short tutorial video demonstrating the features of greenspaceLIVE's gEnergy tool:

6-7 May, 2014

II Congreso de Edificios de Energía Casi Nula

The IREC collaborate into the organization of 2nd Congress of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings.

The IREC Catalonia Institute for Energy Research, in the framework of the AIDA Project (IEE), is collaborator in the organization of “II Congreso de Edificios de Energía Casi Nula”- 2nd Congress of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings, to be held on 6th and 7th  of May 2014 in Madrid.

The 2nd Congress EECN is the only event which takes place at national level and to address comprehensively all aspects in energy efficient buildings, in new building and rehabilitation.

Dr. Jaume Salom, group leader of Thermal Energy and Building Performance- IREC, is part of the Technical Committee of the Congress which will evaluate more than 120 abstracts that were submitted to present at the congress.

This conference is organized jointly by the Tecma Red Group and the Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Development) with the institutional support of several Ministries of Spain.  Furthermore, the congress has the professional support of several Professional Associations of Architects and Engineers at national and regional level (CSCAE, CGCOII, CGATE, COAM; COIIM; CAF Madrid)

The registration period is open until 30th of April 2014 and there are special conditions (by IREC Promotional code = 2eecn-irec).

All information available about the congress:

Place: Auditorio Sur de Feria de Madrid (IFEMA), Madrid.

Una cinquantena de professionals de la construcció visiten els sistemes d'eficiència energètica de Wattia / Fifty construction professionals visit the energy efficient systems of Wattia building

Promouran una iniciativa per evitar pagar per l’ús d’energies renovables / Promoting an initiative to avoid paying for the use of Renewable energy

18th, 19th and 30th November, 2013

On 18th, 19th and 20th of November, the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research - IREC organized in collaboration with the Sustainable Architecture Master Degree (UPC), La Salle (Campus) and the CREVER group (URV), the international lectures :"The buildings and communities of the future: Low energy-, Zero- or Plus. What's next?" by Prof. Arch. Harald N. Røstvik (Bergen School of Architecture - BAS, Norway) in the framework of the European project, AIDA (IEE). The international presentations were held in three universities in Barcelona and Tarragona, and were attended by sustainable architecture and energy efficiency masters' students and professionals.

© La Salle BCN

The focus of the presentations was a discussion of different issues related to Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs), as part of the results from IEA SHC-Task 40/ECB-Annex52. Prof. Røstvik also touched on solar energy systems for buildings flowing into the landscape (related to a work by himself and Dr. Arch A. Scognamiglio), and "Zero Energy Mass Customized Housing" (based on one of his recent publications). Prof. Røstvik illustrated these concepts with his own work in different projects and countries (architecture and electrical vehicles fields). Prof. Røstvik argued and questioned about whether the right response to climate change (with warmer and more extreme weather) is to increase wall insulation in the context of the actual situation in his country (Norway) and Nordic countries (based on his work named Climate Change and building insulation). In this sense, Prof. Røstvik invited the audience to think about the future of passive strategies in architecture and renewable energies in different climates and the necessity of response to climate extremes by architecture design.

Prof. Røstvik made the donation to the universities of his book: The Sunshine Revolution (1992), talking about the potential of solar energy and expected solar revolution (which he predicted almost 20 years ago), considering how in the emerging countries (with high solar potential) have reduced manufacturing costs and photovoltaic market over the last few years.

There were over fifty attendees in each of the three events. The presentations ended with an interesting discussion (over an hour) about the situation in emergent's countries, the recent climate crisis; the energy efficiency in buildings and the renewable energies in the EU context, also in Spain.

International Lectures in Barcelona and Tarragona

30th October, 2013

The last 30th of October the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research - IREC organized the 2nd Spanish European Study Tour to the CIEM and CIRCE buildings in Zaragoza.

The day began with the presentation of the AIDA Project by Ma. Leandra González (IREC) and then continued, with the presentation of CIEM building by Octavio Cabello (Zeroaplus), Manuel Sánchez Iturbe (Interven Energy) and Alejandro del Amo (GEE- Grupo de Energía y Edificación, Universidad de Zaragoza). In the afternoon, started the presentation and the visit of the CIRCE building by Ignacio Zabalza Bibrian and Alberto Jáñez Morán (Energy Efficiency Group, Fundación CIRCE). After that, took place the Worshop: Promote nZEB in municipal practice (SEAP-Sustainable Energy Action Plans) and Building case studies (Success History Cards) in Catalunya, Spain; by Jordi Cipriano - CIMNE-BEE Group (CIMNE- International Center of Numeric Methods in Engineering, BEE Group - Building Energy and Environment) and Maria Leandra González (IREC). The workshop ended with certain conclusions about the diversity of cases studies and solutions and the importance of working together (owner, designers, energy consultants', etc) since the early stages of the projects with the nZEB objectives and the IED process (Integrated Energy Design).

More than eighteen participants joined the European Study Tour and the day ends by an interesting interchange of opinions in the cocktail time. IREC and AIDA Project want to thank the participants and speakers for made possible this successful event.

10th November, 2013
1st Greek International Study tour

The first Greek International Study Tour of the AIDA Project in Greece took place on November 10th, 2013 with a visit to the newly extended energy retrofitted Municipal Library of Loutraki and theLoutraki Thermal Spa. Thesebuildings were presented as success stories for the implementation of both nearly Zero Energy Buildingsand low energy systems in Municipalities. During the Study Tour a workshop on nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB)took place with presentations, description of the buildings’ design and energy systems as well as discussion.

MsEviTzanakaki from the Buildings’ Department of the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) opened the workshop by presenting the implementation of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings in Municipalities in Europe, chances and challenges, and experience gainedthrough the AIDA project. MrMiltosPapadimitropoulos, architect from the Technical Department of the Municipality of Loutraki - AgioiTheodoroipresented the experience of implementing high energy efficiency in the municipal buildings of Loutraki, focusing on the energy retrofitting and bioclimatic design of the new Municipal Library and future bioclimatic projects. The workshop ended with a discussion where participants expressed theirviews and exchanged experienced and ideas on nZEB implementation in public buildings. The discussion was moderated by MsLena Lampropoulou, Head of the Buildings’Department of CRES.

A short lunch break followedduring which the participants had the chance to discuss andexchange professional experiences.

The event continued with a walkthrough the buildings. The participants were transported by bus to the Municipal Library Building and to the Loutraki Thermal Spa. They had the chance to walk through both the buildings and to observe all the technical and design aspects, guided by MrPapadimitropoulos in the first building, and a municipal mechanical engineer in the second one. During the guided tour in the Loutraki Thermal Spa the participants also visited the building services installations and had the chance to discuss with the person in charge of the operation and maintenance of building systems.

Twenty two people in total participated. Among them, there were architects and other engineers who work on the building sector, representatives of associations of building professionals and universities, as well as students.

1st GR Intern Study Tour 1st GR Intern Study Tour 1st GR Intern Study Tour 1st GR Intern Study Tour 1st GR Intern Study Tour 1st GR Intern Study Tour

31th October, 2013

The project consortium proudly announces the release of two AIDA-related articles, both of which was posted on the BUILDUP! platform. One of them details the importance of the principles of Integrated Energy Design and its implementation in municipal sustainable energy action plans (SEAPs) while the other article is more of a general introduction to the project and to the applied methods used to promote the market penetration of nearly zero energy buildings in Europe.

Please follow the links below to read the mentioned articles:

Promoting Integrated Energy Design and SEAPs among European Communities: AIDA project
On the Forefront of nZEBs in Europe: AIDA Project

18th, 19th and 30th November of 2013

International lectures by Prof. Arch. Harald N. Røstvik, at three Universities in Barcelona and Tarragona cities, Catalonia, Spain: THE BUILDINGS AND COMMUNITIES OF THE FUTURE: LOW ENERGY-, ZERO- OR PLUS. WHAT's NEXT?

The Catalonia Institute for Energy Research - IREC (Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya), in the framework of AIDA Project, its pleased to announce and coordinate the international lectures, to be held in Barcelona and Tarragona cities, by Prof. Arch. Harald N. Røstvik, from the Bergen School of Architecture, Norway. He is specialized in sustainable architecture and transportation, among others issues. In his lectures, among other things, he will explain issues related to: Net Zero Energy Buildings.-NZEB, as part of the results from the Task 40, IEA, "Solar energy systems for buildings flowing into the landscape, related to a work of his authorship with Dr. Arch A. Scognamiglio; and "Zero Energy Mass Customized Housing" based on an article that is forthcoming in October of 2013.

More information:

30. October, 2013
Zaragoza, Spain
European study tour of two office and laboratory buildings in Zaragoza, Spain: CIEM and CIRCE buildings.

The second European study tour will be to the CIEM and CIRCE buildings in Zaragoza, Spain. The CIEM – Centro de Incubación Empresarial Milla Digital is an office building developed by the City of Zaragoza and financing by the Spanish Government trough the FEESL funds (Fondo Estatal para el Empleo y la Sostenibilidad). The CIRCE – Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption, Centro de Investigación de Recursos y Consumos Energéticos, is an office and laboratories building, and was funded by the EU using FEDER funds, within the framework of the University of Zaragoza's 2006-2012 Infrastructure Plan, and co-financed by the Aragon Regional Government.

The guides on this study tour will be the Eng. M.Sc. Alberto Jañez Morán, and the Prof. PhD. Ignacio Zabalza Bribian, from the CIRCE Fundation (Fundación CIRCE), University of Zaragoza, researchers and experts in energy certification procedures, energy simulations, design and analysis of HVAC and Life Cycle Assessment. Also, the tour guide will be by the CIRCE maintenance staff. Amongst other things, they will explain and show the way the buildings were designed, constructed and commissioned.

This activity is free and open, previous registration at

19. September, 2013
Bolzano, Italy
'nZEB target objective in the energy refurbishment of the building market' workshop

The AIDA project, in collaboration with Cabee project, is organizing an International workshop during the KlimaEnergy fair days, in Bolzano.

The seminar introduces legislative updates at European and National level of the nearly Zero Energy Buildings concept, the opportunities to support public institutions to introduce energy policies in urban planning in order to reduce the CO2 emissions and to increase the number of nZEBs. The seminar wants to urge the building market to adopt this energy performance targets during the energy renovation presenting case studies and experiences, barriers found and possibilities to overcome them.

For further information please download the event's leaflet by clicking here.

19. September 2013
Pristhina, Kosovo
Regional Workshop "Energy efficiency and renewable energy in public buildings in CEE Countries"

We are happy to announce that the Ministry of Economic Development of Kosovo will host a regional workshop on energy efficient and green public buildings organized by the AIDA Project. A high number of municipal representatives and building professionals are expected to attend this unique event from countries in the region, such as Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Bulgaria.

Please find the detailed agenda and the official invitation to this event below.

Agenda Invitation

March 15, 2013
2nd Greek Study tour

The second Greek study tour took place on March 15th 2013, at the Student Dormitories "Aliki Perroti" of the American Farm School in Thessaloniki, Greece. During this event a workshop took place under the title: "Nearly Zero Energy Buildings: from theory to practice" and afterwards a walk-through took place in both buildings.

In total 110 people attended the event. The workshop started with a welcome greet from Mr. Tsiggros Giorgos, Vice-Mayor of the Municipality of Pylaia-Hortiati. Among the participants there were representatives from municipalities of North Greece, Universities and engineers occupied in the private building sector.
Ms. Argyro Giakoumi opened the workshop with a short introduction on the AIDA project followed by the definition of nZEB and the relative legislative framework in Greece. Ms. Evi Tzanakaki followed by making a thorough presentation on integrated design of buildings and interventions towards nZEB. Mr. Petros Makridis and Mrs. Eleana Makridou presented the building of the "Aliki Perroti" Student Dormitories giving details on its technical and architectural design as well as aspects of the decisions taken during the design and construction phase. The workshop ended with Mr. Dimitris Mpozis who presented the town hall of Municipality Pylaia-Hortiati, and especially the geothermal heat pumps that are installed in this building for covering its heating and cooling needs.

A coffee-break followed, where the participants had the chance to ask questions to the speakers, exchange experience and discuss with each other.

After the coffee-break the tour at the "Aliki Perroti" Student Dormitories started. The participants were separated in groups and walked through the building in order to see all the technical design aspects, guided by the architects and mechanical engineers that designed the building.
Afterwards, the participants were transported with a mini bus to the building of the town hall of Municipality Pylaia-Hortiati, which is only few kilometers away. There a guided tour in the building took place and the participants had the chance to see the geothermal heat-pumps and ask questions the mechanical engineer who is responsible for their operation and maintenance.

Student Dormitories "Aliki Perroti".

Town hall of Municipality Pylaia-Hortiati.

March 5-7, 2013
Ecobuild 2013

GreenspaceLive attended Ecobuild 2013, which is one of the largest event of its kind with an estimated 57000 visitors and which is visited by representatives across the building and constructions industry.

The primary objective was to promote AIDA and engage with agencies that would be of positive benefit to the project.

Some specific outcomes:
  • Meetings held with the Passivhaus Trust on the promotion of AIDA through their membership and particularly the prospect of participation in the study tours. It was agreed that revised publicity leaflets would be circulated and promoted.
  • Meetings held with the UK Green Building Council to further promote the project through there network and specifically on their direct contact with their members. Greenspace live is a full member of this organisation.
  • Meetings with EU representatives of the UK Trade and Investment embassies to make them aware of the partnership and the benefits of AIDA in the drive towards the reduction of Carbon Emissions.
  • Discussed AIDA with a number of delegates and exhibitors. Significant interest in the AIDA project, and also came across other similar companies engaged in similar areas. There are potential areas of overlap between different pieces of work that would be worth investigating further. In summary, the AIDA project was disseminated across various attendees at Ecobuild and received significant interest. It is hoped that this will lead to a increase in interest around our next study tour which will be taking place in the coming month.

February 27, 2013
The 5th Annual Carbon Reduction Commitment Conference

greenspaceLive visited the 5thAnnual Carbon Reduction Commitment Conference in Our Dynamic Earth Edinburgh to help raise awareness of the AIDA project with Scottish Local Authorities, as well as promoting their study tour of Oak Meadow Primary School in Wolverhampton on the 3rd of April, 2013.

Just underneath Arthurs Seat, the day was filled with talks from featured speakers, including speakers from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, the Scottish Government , the Energy Savings Trust and the Carbon Trust. greenspaceLive engaged with several of the local authorities present, as well as members of the Scottish government, promoting the AIDA project and encouraging them to register to become part of the growing AIDA community.

You can learn more about the 5th Annual Carbon Reduction Commitment conference here:

February 15, 2013
1st Hungarian study tour

The first Hungarian Study Tour within the framework of the AIDA project has taken place at the Zero-emission Conference Center of the Regional Environmental Center in Szentendre, Hungary, on 15th February 2013. 25 participants from various Hungarian institutions have attended the event.

The participants were greeted by Mr. Istvan Pari, Project Manager at Geonardo Environmental Technologies Ltd., partner in the AIDA project and organiser of the study tour. The first presentation was made by Mr Mark Alföldy-Boruss, Head of Renewables Department at the National Development Ministry of Hungary. He briefed the participants on the2012/27/EU Directive on Energy Efficiency and on the national aspects of the directive which are translated into the Hungarian National Action Plan. This introduction to the local legal and policy background of nZEB was considered very informative by the participants.

Following Mr. Pari's presentation on the AIDA project, Mr. Laszlo Szeker took the floor and gave a very thorough insight to the practical aspects of nearly zero energy buildings and introduced general lessons which should be learned in conjunction with this topic.

The major part of the half-day study tour was dedicated to the walking of the building, where the participants could familiarise themselves with the various smart and energy efficient building solutions applied during the retrofitting of the old building. Mr Ferenc Andras, Head of Department at the REC gave us a very interactive and easy-to-follow explanation on the different engineering parts with special focus on their benefits while not concealing potential downsides in order to paint a much clearer picture for those who were interested.

The event was concluded with a networking lunch at the REC, where the participants had the opportunity to talk to each other, discuss cooperation opportunities and exchange knowledge.

November 30, 2012
1st Greek Study tour

The first Greek study tour in the framework of the AIDA project, took place at the office building of the architecture company "R.C.TECH" in Athens, Greece, on the 30th of November 2012. In total 32 participants attended the event. Representatives from the municipal association: "Coalition for the Sustainable Development of Cities" were present and Mr. Kamaras, the General Secretary of the Coalition, gave a welcome greet. Among the participants there were representatives from municipalities, Universities and engineers occupied in the private building sector.
The event started with a workshop on "Nearly Zero Energy Buildings". Ms. Argyro Giakoumi opened the workshop with a short introduction on the AIDA project followed by the definition of nZEB and the relative legislative framework in Greece. Ms. Evi Tzanakaki followed by making a thorough presentation on integrated design of buildings and interventions towards nZEB. Mr. Giannis Douridas presented the office building of the architecture company "R.C.TECH", giving details on its technical design, aspects of the decisions taken during the design and construction phase as well as the experience in working in such a building. The workshop ended with Mr. Andreas Androutsopoulos, giving details of the energy profile of the building, based on in situ measurements and monitoring as well as data gathered from energy bills.
A coffee-break followed, where the participants had the chance to ask questions to the speakers, exchange experience and discuss with each other.
After the coffee-break the tour of the building took place. The participants were separated in two groups and walked through the building in order to see all the technical design aspects, guided by the building firm representatives.

August 22, 2012
Meet the experts - Experiences on Net Zero Energy Buildings

The meetings held in Barcelona by both programmes' experts - Task40/Annex52 and AIDA - constitute a unique opportunity to exchange views and expose cases of nZEB buildings, at a public event open to the public authorities and industry professionals.

Palau Robert, Barcelona
October 3rd 2012

for further information please visit Spain in Study Tour menu or download the leaflet by clicking here.

August 16, 2012
Social media appearance

AIDA is happy to announce that the project's own distinct Facebook and Twitter accounts have been launched. If you are registered on these social media surfaces please "like" and "follow" AIDA project respectively in order to remain up-to-date regarding the project activities.