AIDA Affirmative Integrated Energy Design Action
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Mayors, municipal representatives and local authorities

Municipalities play an important role in achieving EU's 20-20-20 targets. They have the power to contribute to energy savings and the rationale use of energy as well as the use of RES but often lack sufficiently high quality information to empower them to take ambitious decisions in this respect. Even if decision makers at the municipal level want to start an energy relevant action, they often have no idea how to begin. Therefore, AIDA offers essential information to municipalities, supports them in setting up own ways and strategies to contribute to the 20-20-20 targets. The benefits for the target group are high standard information on nearly zero-energy buildings, via study tours. The aim is to create local seeds for nearly zero-energy buildings in Europe within local communities. These seeds will be models for the local population and nearby communities and therefore strong market multipliers.