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gModeller to gEnergy gEnergy is the latest addition to the gTools software suite offered by greenspaceLive. Helping to bridge the gap between architects and engineers, gEnergy is a cloud-based BIM (Building Information Modelling) software platform, which allows the user to accurately predict and apply best practice design into the buildings of tomorrow.

gEnergy is developed on the EnergyPlus platform, the global standard for built environment energy analysis, developed by the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and supported by Autodesk. gEnergy gives building modellers detailed figures and dynamic simulation of their building designs real-life performance.

With gEnergy, collaboration on sustainable buildings has never been easier. Projects can be shared, accessed and worked on by multi-disciplined teams, wherever they are in the world. With rich, customisable graphical reports as well as the ability to import both gbXML and IDF models, gEnergy is a powerful tool for both students and industry professionals.

Please check out this short tutorial video demonstrating the features of greenspaceLIVE's gEnergy tool:

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The EcoRenover web tool was developed after a series of meetings with national and local network stakeholders in the promotion of nZEB identified a need for a simple tool that could demonstrate to building owners that, in terms of cash-flow (monthly credit payments and energy costs), investing in an nZEB renovation was feasible or better compared to a minimal thermal renovation. Whilst the tool is accessible to the general public, the main goal is for it to be used by energy advisors and professionals as they accompany citizens, municipalities and building owners in their search for energy renovation information, so that they can orientate them towards nZEB standards. It is freely available through its dedicated website (in French).